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Prologue Page 5 - November 12th, 2007, 3:05 pm

Ho mai gawd, I am sorry guys for. . . my hand writing. I'll . . think about changing over to actual type. I'm just really lazy sorry ^^

Anyways, another 6 days, another page. And here we get a glimpse of the actual plot line of the pitt. Wooooo. Yes, the whole story is December searching for his 'brothers.' He has brothers!? Well that's what he's asking in that last panel down there. And you'll just have to wait another 6 days to get the explination on that little diddy.

I love that last panel with all my heart and soul. It is my buddy icon on AIM. Chibi December WTF face is fun ^^

I also love drawing profiles, when I do it right. Like Dr. Luc in that panel. Though her hair is wrong, wrong, wrong!

See ya'll in another 6 days.

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