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Prologue Page 4 - November 6th, 2007, 10:22 am

Wow, December in panel 2 looks kind of messed up doesn't he. And I messed up the coloring, there was supposed to be a huge shadow over his face to show that someone was standing in his light. And then he'd be all like 'excuse me, you're blocking me from my sun,' then remember he can't talk and just give them that stupid look on his face that I drew . . .

Anyways, Dr. Luc talks!! And she's going to continue to talk for the next couple of pages. B/c that's what she does: talks and explains things. Later on in the story, we'll meet a similar character, but he's a lot cooler than Dr. Luc.

I like December's 'action' pose in panel 4. I like December action poses in general.

Oh and for those of you who actually read these: I'm going to stick with this 'update every 6 days thing' until I'm comfortable or get a larger fan base. So tell your friends!

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