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Prologue Page 3 - October 31st, 2007, 12:25 pm

Behold my massively horrid backgrounding skills.

Here we introduce one of my least favorite characters: Dr. Luc. I loved her when I first made her up (which was before the Pitt was in existance) but then. . . well her bitchiness just got to me and I was like, 'screw you Luc you're only going to get one chapter worth of screen time.' She didn't care. . . she's just a drawing.

Oh and if isn't obvious, December's jumping in that last panel. Ayup. Jumping. Not flying. And that right thar's a building.

My typography is just as good as my backgrouding.

I like fight scenes. . .they're always so much cooler in my head ^^

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