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Hi guys a filler b/c the gap between me and my back log is getting smaller and smaller. Gotta fill it up with some more pages of December. Its being drawn but, alas, at my parent's house I lack a scanner. In a week or so I'll be able to scan everything in and get back to work. . . oh and be back at school. AHAHAHAHA lets see if I can do it >:D

Prologue Page 7

The only thing really good about this page would be the writing in the dirt. After that. . . its all just meh. December's head is all skewed in that second to last panel and the last panel could be better. But I do so love Dr. Luc's 'What you talkin' 'bout Dec!?' face.

I also used it for this one pic that I'll probably post up as filler this monday. Heh, sorry guys. I'm trying to buy some time. I've been working, I promise! I'll try to catch up in this break and then. . . we'll see where this next term brings us, okay? Until monday, ja!

Prologue Page 6

I want to start off by saying, sorry for showing up a little late this week. As a reward for your patience, you will receive 2 pages this week. Good for you! *clap clap clap*

Anyways, on to the page. Yes my typography is getting better and better ain't it? Well, to those of you who love to struggle to read my handwriting, I'm sorry. I'm going to shift over to the technologic side and start actually making it look neat. There will be another surprise as to how I do my comics as well.

Oh and sad December face is sad. He thought he was going to hear about his real family before he was project December. We'll hit a point in the story where I won't have to translate his facial expressions anymore.

See ya sometime later on this week folks woo!

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